Monday, 27 October 2014

A Guide to Understanding What is
Since then enrolled for online studies and am pursuing a degree online.

What is online learning?
Online learning is a term used for education that is provided using the Internet as the communication medium. Online learning allows a student to complete study sessions from home or work, by using the Internet. Learning resources may be in the form of printed material or material downloaded from the Internet. Due to its interactive nature, which permits two way communication, the Internet has emerged as an ideal medium for providing distance learning.

Online learning means acquiring higher education through the internet as your learning platform. The course is offered by an accredited distance learning university. Besides, you learn through the internet. This means your studies and study materials are available online.

Where can you find online learning?
By using search engines like and, you will locate these online learning centers include accredited schools, accredited colleges and accredited universities. You need to visit this site and get to learn more about where to apply for online degree courses. The resource is found at

The first time you visit this website, you will be shown a simple white page. On the top right of the page you'll find two menus are menu Log in if you have already signed up and sign up for your new visitors on this website to sign up. Surely these two menus are extremely important to the next service.

Well, after you register and log in, select the columns Find Tutors. Next choose subject by choosing what material will you find, underneath the column fill level by level tutor you want.

I am proud of my online learning. I have not only gained immense potential through online research, but also immense knowledge on different issues related to my studies and work. Good luck.

How to learn online?
Learning is simple. You set your own learning time. I am proud of my online learning. I found a website that reviews top online degree providers.